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Air conditioning ducts

Customized air conditioning ducts and air channels for the highest demands!

At Schlegel AG, we are experts in the development and manufacture of air conditioning ducts and air ducts for various applications in vehicles. Whether it is for use in the roof area, on the floor or on the outside of the vehicle, we are at your side right from the development phase.

Our air-conditioning ducts are made of versatile materials such as sheet metal in combination with insulation materials or fire-resistant plastics such as phenolic resin foam. In addition, flexible air hoses made of aluminum or composite materials can be used to complement them.

Modern rail vehicles place a variety of demands on air ducts. Fire protection standards must be met, material expansion compensated for, and tolerances of the car body taken into account. In addition, easy cleaning of the ducts is required. Our air-conditioning ducts are all designed in lightweight construction to ensure an optimal balance between stability and weight.

With our many years of experience, we can help you design and manufacture durable and customized air conditioning ducts for your specific requirements. We place great emphasis on quality, precision and functionality to ensure our ducts meet the highest standards.

Rely on the expertise of Schlegel AG to provide you with optimal solutions for your air conditioning and air ducts. Contact us to discuss your requirements. Our dedicated team will be happy to assist you in realizing your individual projects.

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