Bonding And Sealing

Bonding and Sealing

In a world where quality, cost, design and weight are playing an ever greater role, industrial bonding is becoming increasingly important as an alternative joining method. Compared to conventional joining methods for metal such as screws, rivets or welding, metal bonding instead of welding offers decisive advantages:

  • Almost all materials can be joined together without damaging them by drilling holes or heating.
  • Adhesive bonds enable the creation of invisible or aesthetically pleasing connections
  • The surface bonding results in hardly any point loads, which means that load-bearing components can be designed in lightweight or multilayer construction.

As an innovative company, we have the space and personnel resources to realize bonded joints with the highest quality and safety standards. Our specialist bonding engineers and our experienced team offer you the following services:

  • New development, design support and optimization of components that feature or require bonded joints.
  • Implementation of bonded joints in our specially equipped bonding halls by qualified specialist personnel.
  • Quality assurance through internal testing equipment and cooperation with external testing laboratories.
  • Compliance with the requirements of class A1 in accordance with DIN 6701-2 for bonded joints in rail vehicles.

With a production area of 1000 m² and an experienced team of bonding specialists, we offer you a reliable infrastructure for industrial bonding applications. Whether you need to seal sheet metal, metal, or aluminum sheet, our team is here to assist you.

You can rely on our expertise in the field of metal bonding. Contact us for tailor-made solutions in the field of sheet metal bonding, metal sealing and aluminum bonding in accordance with the requirements of DIN 6701-2.


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