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Ceiling systems

Ceiling systems are an important component of buildings and means of transport such as trains. They serve not only aesthetics, but also functionality and safety. In the area of ceiling cladding, Schlegel AG offers complete systems or individual components that are tailored to the customer's specific requirements.

Ceiling systems are ceilings with air ducts, cable ducts, lighting and cladding components. These components must be perfectly coordinated to achieve an optimal result. Schlegel AG has a modern production infrastructure and an experienced team of engineers and designers to develop and manufacture individual ceiling systems for every application.

Aluminium and sandwich components are predominantly used for ceiling cladding, offering high stability and durability. The aluminium profiles can be manufactured in various shapes and colours to meet design requirements. By using sandwich components, optimum sound insulation can be achieved, which is particularly important in the area of railway vehicles.

Schlegel AG also offers special ceiling systems for rail vehicles that meet the high requirements for safety and durability. These ceiling systems must be robust, light and easy to install in order to meet the special requirements of rail traffic. Schlegel AG has many years of experience in the development and production of ceiling systems for rail vehicles and works closely with customers to deliver customised solutions.

Innovative production processes also enable Schlegel AG to manufacture special sound-absorbing components for ceiling systems. These components are crucial for a pleasant and quiet environment in living and working areas as well as in the area of railway vehicles.

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