Railing Protection System With "EASY // KLAPP" Fastening Variants


Save space and ensure safety with our railing protection system for flat roofs!

Our patented railing protection system for flat roofs meets the increasing requirements for maximum use of roof areas. With the two mounting variants "EASY // KLAPP // WALL" or "EASY // KLAPP // GROUND" Schlegel AG presents an attractive new product on the market.

As flat roofs are increasingly used for energy generation or other purposes, regular access for maintenance, cleaning and inspection is essential. Individual fall protection is often out of date from a commercial and safety point of view.

Our innovative collective protection meets both safety requirements and maximum utilization of the roof area up to the edge of the building. In addition, the external appearance of the building remains unaffected by the folding of the railing after use.

With our railing protection system, you can save valuable space while ensuring safety on your flat roof. Rely on Schlegel AG's many years of experience and expertise. Contact us for individual advice and customized solutions.

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