Railroad Lighting For Rolling Stock


Lighting systems for rail vehicles must be robust, reliable and efficient. With us, you will find lighting systems for rail vehicles in every conceivable variant, whether as individual components or integrated directly into our ceiling modules. We offer a wide range of products for carriage lighting, train lighting and LED carriage lighting.

Common combinations for our lighting systems for rail vehicles are sheet metal housings with polycarbonate covers or grids. We rely on proven products in the rail vehicle field for the ballasts. Our covers in polycarbonate are manufactured with modern tools to ensure high quality. We also offer spotlights to expand our lighting range.

As a manufacturer of lighting systems for rail vehicles, we are aware that the safety of our products is of vital importance. That is why we use only materials that comply with current fire standards. With our lighting systems for rail vehicles, we ensure optimal illumination and a pleasant atmosphere on trains. Our lighting systems are durable and can withstand the daily demands of rail traffic.

Our lighting systems are part of our ceiling systems, which are available as a complete system or as individual components. Our ceiling systems for rail vehicles offer a perfect solution to ensure quick and easy installation. Here, too, we rely on materials of the highest quality to guarantee a long service life and high reliability. We offer customized lighting systems for rail vehicles, tailored to your specific requirements. Feel free to contact us for more information about our lighting systems and ceiling systems for rail vehicles.

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