Luggage Rack For Railroad Carriages

Luggage rack

High quality luggage carriers for your individual requirements!

Schlegel AG offers modular luggage carrier solutions for vehicle interiors, which can be manufactured from various materials such as sheet metal, aluminum profiles, cast aluminum, glass, polycarbonate and wood.

Our luggage carriers are designed and manufactured taking into account all relevant requirements. We place great emphasis on careful design and precise manufacturing to provide you with robust and reliable luggage carriers. Factors such as luggage carrier weight, loads, fire protection, assembly, durability, attractive design and functional design play a key role.

Our experienced engineers and specialists use their know-how to develop tailor-made luggage carriers that meet your individual requirements.

Rely on Schlegel AG's many years of experience in the field of luggage carrier production. We are your reliable partner for high-quality and functional solutions. Contact us to discuss your requirements and ideas. Our team will be happy to assist you in realizing your individual luggage carrier solution.

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