Move to new factory halls

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Now the time has come. One hour from Warsaw, in the eastern direction, lies Radom. The place was connected with the highway expansion.

In Radom, the Schlegel Gruppe founded Schlegel sp. z o.o. in 2017. The company grew into a sheet metal working competence center with 38 employees. Meanwhile, as a supplier for the surrounding area, the whole of Europe is supplied with complex sheet metal solutions and “fast turners”.

Radom specializes in laser cutting, bending, manual welding and laser welding. The rented production hall meets the latest energy standards. The hall structure, which dates back to communist times, has been completely renovated and will be available from October 2021.

Contact person:

Krzysztof Mróz

Dyrektor Zarządzający


Schlegel sp. z o.o.

ul. Tarnobrzeska 14 lok. 9

26-600 Radom

Production hall exterior view Radom

Production Hall Perspective Radom

Radom production hall

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