Non-ferrous Metals Processing

Non-ferrous Metals Processing

Precise metal cutting and processing of non-ferrous metals in Switzerland

With our latest generation solid-state laser, we offer first-class metal cutting for thin stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum and highly reflective materials such as copper, brass, titanium and their alloys. Our laser cuts precisely and is a competitive alternative to waterjet cutting.

Our capabilities include:

  • Cutting copper and brass up to a sheet thickness of 6mm.
  • Cutting titanium up to a sheet thickness of 4 mm
  • Engraving of surfaces for customization
  • Our 15 bending machines offer a wide range of options for further processing and forming your blanks.

Our experienced assembly team ensures the assembly of complex subassemblies. We are able to join various non-ferrous metals using laser soldering or laser welding processes.

Rely on our expertise in metal fabrication. Contact us for customized solutions in metal laser cutting, stainless steel cutting, aluminum laser cutting and much more.

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