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Technology and development

Technology Technology 2

Innovation is a driver for our business! Our development department constantly evaluates new production technologies and new materials and implements customer requirements technically and in terms of drawings. Unconventional and innovative ideas often lead to simple and cost-effective solutions. For us, the special is the ordinary.

As specialists in sheet metal processing and in the field of interior fittings for rail vehicles, we accompany you from the initial consultation through planning and implementation to the finished product. Our development department not only works out the most suitable design form for you, but also, in cooperation with the production department, the most efficient manufacturing steps.

Our engineers and designers work in a modern infrastructure with CAD (Solid Works). Virtual prototypes are presented on 3D platforms, which can later be realised by our manufacturing department within a very short time.

For complex FEM calculations, we work together with experienced partners.

For further questions to our development please contact: info[at]schlegel.ch

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Save valuable space on the flat roof!

The patented railing protection system for flat roofs meets the increasing demands for maximum roof utilisation. With the two fastening variants “EASY // KLAPP // WALL” or “EASY // KLAPP // GROUND”, Schlegel AG introduces a new, attractive product to the market.

Due to the increased use of flat roofs, for example for energy generation, regular access for maintenance, cleaning and inspection are necessary. For this reason, individual fall protection is often no longer appropriate from a commercial and safety point of view.

The innovative collective protection thus combines, on the one hand, the requirements of safety and, on the other hand, the greatest possible utilisation of the roof area, right up to the edge of the building. In addition, the external appearance of the building is not impaired by tilting after use.

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Our strengths lie in the area of innovative sheet metal and metal processing, in the area of combined processing of different materials and in the area of project and quality management.

Technology equipped with the most modern means and creative development form the basis for novel and customised solutions.

Special technologies complement our range of expertise.

For questions or to view samples, please contact info[at]schlegel.ch or to our sales team.

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Project management

Project management

We accompany your project through all phases, from the enquiry to the handover of complete systems.

From the very beginning, we coordinate the specific requirements and wishes of our customers. We optimize the costs in such a way that the functionality does not have to make any compromises and the economic efficiency of individual assemblies is guaranteed. We make optimal use of the available resources, thus ensuring that the entire project is completed on schedule.

We strive to comprehensively incorporate your wishes into the ongoing project. As a system supplier, Schlegel AG offers you a reduction in interfaces because we coordinate the various processes for you. We provide you with all the necessary resources for the complete project planning. You have only one contact person for the entire duration of a project. This in turn leads to a significantly lower coordination effort for you, so that you can concentrate on your core competencies.

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From planning to delivery, we meet all of our customers’ requirements from the viewpoints of:

  • Quality
  • Time
  • Costs
  • Design
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